Tailor-made GPS navigation arrives for e-bikes and e-scooters

A free navigation app designed specifically for micromobility has been launched on Android and iOS.

ScootRoute works in cities and suburbs, letting riders select specific perimeters to receive customized turn-by-turn GPS directions.

Factors such as hill-climbing tolerance, traffic, bike lane availability, road type, and speed limits can be adjusted by the user, according to their preferences.

An e-MTB rider might want to include the option for shortcuts across off-road trails, while a scooter rider will likely prefer sticking to streets with bike lanes or low-speed limits.

The app also uses three different mapping technologies and includes voice-based turn-by-turn navigation so riders don’t have to look down at their phone while navigating. Commonly used routes can also be saved to access quickly in the future.

Meghan Braley, ScootRoute founder, said: “Commuting with endless traffic, sporadic bike lanes and confusing signals is frustrating. [I found that] popular navigation apps would route me on to highways and off-road bike trails, and I couldn’t find the best and safest streets to get to my destination. Fully committing to the launch of ScootRoute, I left my senior-level position at a fintech company, partnered with a local development shop focused on startups and created ScootRoute, a navigation app designed exclusively for the growing micro-mobility market.


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