HumanForest partners with Rude Health to ‘help get London up and about again’

HumanForest has partnered with Rude Health as part of its mission to “change mobility behaviour” across London.

The e-bike sharer scheme, which is available for free for 20 minutes every day, is searching for partner companies which share its vision to offer eco-friendly mobility solutions.

“Londoners’ mobility habits are changing rapidly; cycling levels have risen by up to 300% on some days this year,” said a HumanForest statement. “The way Londoner’s consume media is also changing rapidly; with the focus shifting to digital interactions over physical advertising. The HumanForest platform provides an innovative channel for companies to meet Londoners with relevant, authentic and meaningful content.

“Using customer insights from rides, partner companies’ messages can be curated to be read by a specified audience, allowing HumanForest partners to develop their own user base through the HumanForest app.”

Co-founder Caroline Seton said: “HumanForest offers our partners a unique and meaningful way to engage with Londoners. Through free mobility, our partners are helping Londoners embrace the transformational shift that is underway in cities and signals their commitment to a more sustainable future.”

Rude Health added: “We’re delighted to be partnering with HumanForest to help get London up and about again. We know that it’s the simple things that have kept us in rude health this 2020. Think: dairy-free drinks, so delicious you can drink them cool, straight from the glass; cycling to meet friends for breakfast in the park; and connecting with friends and nature, albeit sometimes from a distance.”

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