Joyride launches ‘instant’ ID verification for e-scooter rentals

Joyride has launched an ‘instant’ ID verification system allowing e-scooter rental providers to offer quick access to their fleets.

The micromobility turnkey solutions provider hopes to tackle long-winded verification processes with a speedy driver’s licence scan paired with a user selfie.

While offered globally, the service is particularly relevant to the UK market, where the Department for Transport is enforcing that e-scooter riders provide proof of their driving licenses (either full or provisional) in order to rent scooters.

“People across the world are jumping on electric scooters at a whole new pace,” said Joyride in a blog post. “The last thing riders need is a lengthy verification process to hold things up. A number of municipalities and countries are now implementing age restrictions, or they want to ensure riders have a motor vehicle licence before they can rent a scooter or moped.

“If you’re an operator, trying to implement a system that’s secure, seamless and can verify an ID instantly at the point of rental can be challenging.

“Starting now, global scooter operators can offer speedy and secure real-time driver’s license verification to their riders through Joyride’s white-label app. Our newly integrated feature enables shared mobility users to provide a valid driver’s license, prove they meet age requirements and submit facial confirmation of their identification. In other words, selfie first…then set sail.”


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