‘Take responsibility’: Micromobility firms to be fined for dumped e-scooters

Oslo is cracking down on e-scooter dumping, fining micromobility providers who fail to keep the Norwegian capital’s streets clear.

Arild Hermstad, city councillor for environment and transport in Oslo, told Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet: “We have expected that the companies would take social responsibility and that the situation would improve. It has not done so.”

“We start by collecting and collecting electric scooters that are an obstacle for other road users. In order for the companies to get them back, they have to pay a fee. When we have to do the work for the companies and make sure that they comply with laws and regulations, they have to take the bill – not the taxpayers.”

How much this will cost e-scooter providers is unclear. What is clear, however, is that countries worldwide need to find an answer – and soon – to problems regarding micromobility parking.

Chicago recently launched a second e-scooter pilot following a troubling first attempt, while UK e-scooter trials have already witnessed issues having launched last month.

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