PowUnity optimises BikeTrax for all e-bikes with Brose motors

PowUnity, the Austrian manufacturer of the BikeTrax GPS tracker for e-bikes, has expanded its product range.

In addition to trackers for e-bikes with Bosch, Shimano and Brose motors for Specialized e-bikes, PowUnity has now also optimised BikeTrax for all other e-bikes with Brose motors.

Until now, the BikeTrax Brose GPS anti-theft protection was available for Specialized e-bikes with Brose motor. Since the beginning of the year, PowUnity has also been offering the GPS tracker for all other manufacturers of e-bikes with a Brose motor.

With the development of two additional Brose connection cables, which are included in the Brose Universal Set, the installation of the GPS tracker in e-bikes with Brose motors has become manufacturer-independent. From now on, it is available online at www.powunity.com or from specialist dealers in two versions: BikeTrax Brose Universal and BikeTrax for Specialized e-bikes.

The BikeTrax anti-theft protection is installed in the engine compartment and is ‘invisible to thieves from the outside’. It sends a motion alarm to the associated PowUnity app in case of any unauthorised movement.

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