Swifty e-scooter survey reveals benefits for people with physical limitations 

A new survey from British e-scooter brand Swifty has revealed the benefits of micromobility for people with physical limitations. 

Swifty Scooters recently surveyed subscribers to its newsletter, with the aim of gaining an insight into how e-scooter riders perceive the machines. 

Out of the 220 respondents, 90% said they would consider buying and riding an e-scooter, but 85% also said they are waiting for the law to change before taking the plunge. 

Almost a third of respondents also said than an e-scooter would be their chosen solution because they aren’t able to walk or cycle. 

Steve, aged 64, said: “After two hip replacements, I used an e-scooter for my commute. Compared to the bike which I found difficult because of the pedalling action and I would lose my balance getting on and off, I found it ideal because of the standing stance. I actually found riding an e-scooter helped me to strengthen my new hip joints and it gave me the confidence to get back on my e-bike. I now enjoy both.” 

A total of 45 respondents said they would ride an e-scooter because of limited mobility, ranging from joint and limb problems, chronic pain or arthritis, and chronic illnesses like heart and lung problems, and obesity. 

 Julie, aged 39, who has chronic pain, spinal problems, and cardiovascular limitations, said: “E-scooters are the future for the less able too. It allows someone who has difficulty to walk to be able to travel with ease. I have hip problems and cycling isn’t always an option. The scooter allows me to travel without fatigue.”

Camilla Iftakhar, co-founder of Swifty Scooters, said: “The results of the survey validate Swifty Scooter’s belief that people simply need more choice in transport modes. It’s really important for people’s wellbeing to have freedom and independence, and that means accessible and affordable travel. I’ve learned that bikes simply aren’t a solution for everyone.” 

“I’m fascinated to learn from my customers how an Electric Swifty Scooter can transform their lives, not only to decarbonise journeys, but also provide much needed mobility. E-scooters absolutely serve a need, and the UK micromobility industry is crying out for more comprehensive governance.”

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When asked why they would consider purchasing or riding an e-scooter once legalised, the reasons included: 

  • 75% would consider an e-scooter to swap short car journeys for a cleaner mode
  • 70% would consider an e-scooter for fun and to enjoy the experience
  • 65% would consider an e-scooter to save time
  • 60% would consider an e-scooter to help decarbonise transport
  • 51% would consider an e-scooter to save money
  • 40% want to make cleaner journeys but can’t afford an electric car

According to the survey, 10% said they were not interested in riding e-scooters. Reasons included lack of infrastructure, or preferring another mode of transport like cycling or push scooter.  

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