Taito has signed a new partnership to improve the connectivity of its e-scooter

Mobility brand Taito partners with Comodule to equip e-scooters with advanced connectivity

Belgian mobility start-up Taito has announced a new partnership with Comodule, to offer advanced IoT connectivity. 

Taito’s e-scooter, the S1, is a unique three-wheel model and is made in Europe. 

With the new partnership, Taito plans to add new features with the help of Comodule, micromobility IoT specialist, including a digital motor lock, GPS tracking, an alarm, and automatic light switching. 

François Desmet, co-founder of Taito, said: “Comodule’s IoT enables our vision to lengthen the product’s lifecycle and have an improved user experience for our Taito S1. Thanks to over-the-air updates and remote troubleshooting of any product issues, we’re able to provide a carefree service experience for our customers.”

Taito’s S1 scooter also does not feature a screen, as the brand believes screens can become quickly outdated.

Instead, Taito uses its own mobile app to let users connect to the scooter’s IoT systems. 

 The app displays real-time live statistics such as speed, battery level, riding mode, and lighting. The app also includes a sharing option, which allows users to invite friends and family to use their Taito S1. One of the standout features of the app is the Find My Taito function to locate the scooter if it has been misplaced or stolen. 

“The Taito S1 does not have a screen, as this is one of the components that quickly feels outdated. We, therefore, use the screen everyone has in their pocket: your smartphone connected with the TAITO app,” said Desmet.

 The Comodule collaboration will involve further development of new micromobility solutions that are designed to meet the needs of today’s urban commuters. These solutions will be built with sustainability in mind, using materials and manufacturing processes that minimise their environmental impact, the brands said. 

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To ensure the highest quality and reliability, Taito and Comodule will also focus on European production. 

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