Swifty Scooters' new colours include a limited edition polished aluminium frame

Swifty Scooters unveils new colours for its e-scooter range

Swifty Scooters has launched new colours in its best-selling e-scooter ranges, the foldable SwiftyOne-e and the dirt tyre SwiftyAir-e. 

The new frame colours added alongside the original anthracite black, include echo blue, forest green and a limited-edition aluminium chrome, the SwiftyOne Marine-e. 

The Manchester-based electric scooter brand is known as one of the safest available in the market due to its larger wheel size and longer wheelbase.

Echo Blue


The e-scooters are designed to align with e-bike standards with the 250W motor and 15.5mph top speed. 

Swifty Scooters also uses bicycle grade components which meet international safety standards and last longer as they are designed to be ridden, fixed and repaired. 

This also means customers can tap into the existing fix and repair infrastructure of their local bike shop.

The Swifty Scooters chassis design lowers the user’s centre of gravity which gives added stability

The larger 16” wheels also provide the rider with suspension and stability when going over potholes or uneven ground. 

A limited edition polished aluminium frame

Jason Iftakhar, Swifty Scooters CEO and co-founder, said: “Our scooters are designed to provide the ultimate ride. In order to have the most fun on a scooter, the handling, stability and safety are paramount.

“We design scooters without compromise. The defining feature of the 16-inch spoked wheels provides the sweet spot between smooth flowy ride and compact foldability.

“We have ten years of experience of scooter manufacturing and have perfected the design of our lightweight aluminium chassis. This provides two things, an impressive battery range because you’re not hauling extra weight, but also it means that you can take the battery off and comfortably use the kick-scooter un-powered.”

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Forest Green

The scooters are fitted with a brushless hub motor and removable battery, which enables the rider to use the scooter without the battery power if needed.

The new colours are available immediately at the below prices:

  • SwiftyOne-e foldable e-scooter in anthracite black, echo blue, forest green – £2,140
  • SwiftyOne Marine-e foldable e-scooter special edition polished aluminium frame – £2,295
  • SwiftyAir-e e-scooter  in anthracite black, echo blue, forest green – £1,940

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