The newly announced Bo M

Micromobility start-up Bo announces its first e-scooter  

The London-based micromobility start-up Bo has announced its first product – an e-scooter with an innovative steering system. 

Bo’s first release, the Bo M, features Safesteer technology, a riding stabilisation mechanism designed to overcome safety concerns surrounding electric scooters. 

Founded in 2019 by former Williams F1 Advanced Engineering and Jaguar Land Rover designer, Bo aims to build imaginative solutions for low emission vehicles.  

 Oscar Morgan, Bo CEO, said: “We spent 3 years developing the Bo M for everyone who can see the potential of the e-scooter, but who finds today’s scooters too unsafe, impractical for daily use, or simply not well designed.

“Our mission has been to develop game-changing features and safety enhancements such as Safesteer, whilst using our experience in automotive design to build a scooter people feel proud to own and ride.”

The Bo M also features a 360-degree light halo system for improved visibility. 

Alongside Light Halo, a powerful secondary headlight illuminates the road ahead, while a wide-angle high-lumen rear light keeps you seen from behind, flashing brightly when users brake. 

The deck on the scooter also uses technology borrowed from running shoes to provide comfort and stability to riders. 

Harry Wills, Bo CTO added: “Aware that to some it is controversial, we made a conscious decision to eliminate the fold, launching Bo M with an unbroken Monocurve chassis. 

“Bo M is designed for commuters travelling home to work who value exceptional ride, safety and reliability above all else. Creating this new category, between a traditional e-scooter and an e-bike, our research discovered that the majority of people seldom or never use the fold. It represented a point of weakness, so that directed us to this final design.”

The Bo Monocurve chassis does not twist as you steer, keeping luggage hooked on the two secure load hooks stable and swing-free while you ride. 

The hidden, built-in steel dual mount system doubles as a locking point – making it simple to secure the Bo M with confidence using a standard D-lock. For full peace of mind should the owner lose sight of their Bo M, the Bosecure system of GPS tracking, motor locking, loud anti-tamper alarms and mobile notifications kick in.

The Bo M is available for pre-order from for RRP £1,995. 

Bo M specs: 

RRP: £1,995

Subscription: from £69 p/m

Range: 50km (with AI Range Prediction)

Rated Power: 500W

Peak Power: 1000W

Top Speed: 39kph (limited by territory)

Weight: 18kg

Charge: 3h 

Wheels: 10×2.50 pneumatic tubeless tyre

Max Rider weight: 120kg

Active stabilisation: SafesteerTM

Chassis: Monocurve Aluminium chassis

Braking: Dual brake levers, Front Drum, Rear Regenerative E-Brake (with E-ABS)

Lighting: 360 degree Halo lighting, 1000 lumens Headlight

Lock & load carrying capacity: 25kg. A portability system designed for carrying commuter bags

Deck: Airdeck Engineered Elastomer 

Kickstand: Verti-stand

Connectivity: GPS tracking & anti-theft, Over-The-Air updates, Bluetooth

Horn: Electronic

Weather: IP65 Waterproof

Warranty: 2 years


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