Beryl creates new safety campaign to allay rider fears around winter riding

Sustainable transport provider Beryl is helping to allay rider fears and keep shared transport as safe as possible to use during the colder months with its Warm Up to Winter campaign.

The latest Beryl Annual Rider Report showed that more than 40% of all bike, e-bike and e-scooter riders cited weather as a factor that affected confidence when riding.

To help reverse this trend and encourage riders to continue travelling sustainably as temperatures drop, Beryl is launching the campaign to coincide with the clocks going back.

The campaign will provide helpful advice and challenge common misconceptions about winter riding to try and prevent people from reverting to high emission modes of transport, such as private cars.

There will be a quiz, where participants can win 20% off minute bundles/rider passes, along with videos, Scoot Happy sessions, giveaways and how-to blogs to help riders:

  1. Feel safer on the roads
  2. Adapt quickly and easily to the changing seasons/conditions
  3. Boost their confidence

Phil Ellis, Beryl CEO and co-founder, said: “This campaign is all about making winter cycling advice accessible, ensuring that existing riders are happy to maintain their sustainable transport habits and new ones can warm up to the idea of winter riding.

“We understand that people can be unsure about riding through the winter months, but there are some really simple tips that can help maintain the fun, flexibility and convenience of shared sustainable transport.

“By helping people feel more comfortable and prepared, we can continue to contribute towards cutting congestion, reducing carbon emissions and keeping people active.”

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Earlier this month, Beryl also released a new report highlighting its contribution to behavioural change, sustainable operation and changing lives.

The inaugural Beryl Impact Report 2023 outlines the measures taken by the company to ensure sustainability remains central to everything it does.

This report shows the importance of people and places, with the company working to champion gender equality and diversity.

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