Bamboo Bicycle Club create a flat-pack e-cargo bike

Bamboo Bicycle Club, a sustainable innovation of bikes, has created a cargo e-bike which can be assembled at home.

The club has designed a solution to difficult and expensive shipping of cargo- bikes with a bamboo model that can be flat-packed, and then built by the consumer.

Designed with innovation and sustainability in mind, the e-cargo bike offers a host of features that make it a solution for businesses, delivery services, and individuals seeking an eco-conscious alternative to traditional vehicles.

After analysing the cargo bike market, Bamboo Bicycle Club realised that the majority of current models on the market had a single drive wheel, resulting in additional wear on the bearings and chain.

They designed a cargo trike using an all-wheel drive differential and hydraulic discs with a dual-lever system, focusing on the ergonomics, durability and functionality of the bike.

The bikes are also helping to shape a sustainable future.

Guadua bamboo, flax and recycled aluminium are integrated together to create the eco-conscious design, reducing the carbon footprint compared to normal bike materials.

Bamboo Bicycle Club also utilises the natural qualities of bamboo; its strength, allowing the bike to have a load capacity of 250kg, and its natural vibration absorption, ensuring rider comfort and the protection of cargo.

In addition, the trikes can also be tailored to suit each individual company’s needs.

Designed with adaptability in mind, the bike centres around the core chassis which then can be customised depending on the usage of the bike, such as a delivery box or people carrier.

The rear box also uses recyclable modular sheets for easy adaptability.

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Buyers will be able to order a bespoke cargo bike online and assemble it themselves, using Bamboo Bicycle Club’s online tutorials and workshops.

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