Ampler’s e-bike sales grow 88% in early 2020

Ampler’s e-bike sales increased by 88% in the first five months of the year.

The ongoing pandemic has undoubtedly played a significant role in the brand’s success in early 2020, but Ampler additionally credits its direct-to-consumer business model as a “robust” solution as various retailers closed throughout Europe.

Ardo Kaurit, Ampler co-founder and CEO, said: “Being a direct sales company, we don’t have a middle man, which means our bikes can be ordered from the safety of one’s home. We built and moved into a new assembly factory in November 2019, which has increased our production rate and enabled us to have all bikes fully stocked for the cycling season, shipped directly to people within 7-14 days.

“We are happy to hear that bikes are becoming more popular in the UK, and it is reassuring to hear that the UK Government is encouraging cycling and healthier modes of transport by investing in more cycleways and urban cycling routes. We’ve seen a big demand in Germany and the Netherlands over the last few months, and we hope that the UK will follow suit!”

Ampler aims to become a role model for environmental sustainability for the cycling industry. Beyond substituting cars for e-bikes in traffic and choosing to work with suppliers with good work and environmental practices, Ampler is developing a game plan for becoming a responsible and environmentally sustainable company.

The first action is undergoing a thorough audit of the supply chain and daily operations to understand the true environmental impact. This will be turned into a map for what needs to change, showing the areas where Ampler could improve the most. Through a continuous cycle of measuring, learning and improving, Ampler hopes to show the rest of the industry the pathway for becoming environmentally sustainable.

Ampler’s near future plans include opening a new showroom in Cologne, launching a new mobile app, expanding the service partner network in the Netherlands and Switzerland and continuing to grow the ambassador programme.

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