The new Zinc Venture

Zinc unveils ‘UK’s first seated e-scooter’ 

Micromobilty brand Zinc has launched ‘the UK’s first seated e-scooter, available now from Argos and Zinc Sports. 

The Zinc Venture Folding e-scooter includes a number of features you might expect to find on a bike, including a seat, frame, and mudguards, all packaged in an e-scooter-style system. 

Zinc, a British brand that specialises in e-scooter manufacturing, said this new model could be suitable for riders looking to sit down on their journeys, particularly delivery riders and couriers once e-scooters are legalised on public roads in the UK. 

With a top speed of 15.5mph and a battery range of 15 miles, the Venture can be charged in four hours. The charging port is located on the underside of the frame and riders just need to attach the cable to the port. 

The sturdy frame and 14-inch air filled tyres with built-in shock absorbers is designed to offer a  a smooth and comfortable ride. It also features a double disc brake.

The new seated e-scooter also boasts a quick folding mechanism for easy portability and storage, essential for carrying when on the move, and a multi-functional LED display which shows speed, range and ride mode. For added stability, the Venture e-scooter features a kickstand too. Riders of the Zinc Venture E-scooter can enjoy a variety of speed modes and front and rear safety lights.

Chirag Shah, chief operating officer for Zinc Sports says: “For us it was important that the Zinc Venture e-scooter has many of the qualities that you would associate with a bike, but in the form of an e-scooter at an accessible price point. We think it will prove popular with those that want to sit down, and when legislation does eventually allow, it will also benefit couriers and delivery drivers too.”  

Last month, Zinc announced it had sold out its Formula E model scooter, renewing calls to accelerate the legalisation of e-scooters in response to their popularity.  

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Launched in mid-December, the Zinc Formula E GZ1 e-scooter is a collaboration model with the Formula E motor racing series, and features a 13-mile range battery and offers a top-speed of 15.5mph.  

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