The new Zinc Formula E e-scooter

Formula E launches scooter range in collaboration with Zinc 

Electric motorsport brand Formula E has launched its own line of e-scooters, in collaboration with Zinc Sports. 

The new Zinc Formula E GZ1 scooter is now available in the UK via high street retailer Argos.

Formula E, an international FIA motorsport for electric vehicles, has moved into the micromobility market as it aligns with the brand’s aim of accelerating adoption of electric modes of transport. 

Matt Scammell, chief commercial officer of Formula E, said: “Together with Zinc Sports, we are excited to explore the world of micromobility. While Formula E is focused on accelerating the development of electric cars, we can also see how e-scooters could play a role in sustainable urban transport in the future subject to regulatory approval.”

The Zinc Formula E has a battery range of 13 miles and a top speed of 15.5mph. It features safety features like a front headlight that responds automatically to weather conditions, automatic indicator deck lights, and a built in gyroscopic system that regulates speed, absorbs shock and provides stability to ensure a comfortable ride.

Zinc and Formula E will be collaborating on six further products – two more e-scooters, three e-bikes, and a kick scooter – in the next 12 months. 

Chirag Shah, chief operating officer of Zinc Sports said: “We share Formula E’s desire to champion green mobility and believe that e-mobility solutions can accelerate the move to emission-free transport if supported by necessary regulations.

“We’re bringing our 15 years’ experience of manufacturing scooters to the partnership and this means that each model in the range will boast the innovation you’d expect from Formula E at an accessible price that means more people can eventually access the benefits of an e-scooter commute.”

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The Zinc Formula E GZ1 Series Electric Scooter launches in December for £399.99 at Argos and  

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