The new Zinc folding e-bike

Zinc launches folding e-bike for under £1,000

British e-mobility brand Zinc has launched a new folding e-bike priced at under £1,000. 

The Zinc Folding Electric Eco Pro retails for just £899, and features a 34-mile range and a four-hour charge time. 

It also comes with a luggage rack, that also contains the lithium ion battery, Shimano six-speed gearing and three assist modes, including a walking mode.  

Chirag Shah, chief operating officer for Zinc Sports says: “E-bikes are great for giving you that extra boost up hills or when you are running out of gas. They mean that you can still feel the burn and get the benefit from cycling, but there’s no need to get sweaty and have to change your clothes.  

“The Zinc Folding Electric Eco Pro bike is designed for the practicality of commuting around a city and it can be taken easily on public transport and folded down easily to store at home or at the office.”

Zinc, an e-bike and e-scooter brand based in the UK, has also been campaigning for the Government to support e-mobility, including pushing for the legalisation of private-use e-scooters and e-bike subsidies. 

In July last year, Shah said:“E-bikes are a fantastic route into cycling for beginners, or for those returning to cycling, as they provide a helping hand when it comes to conquering physical fitness challenges that would have remained a barrier with a normal bike. We couldn’t think of a more fitting time to introduce a subsidy than after the Commonwealth Games so that the public can benefit from the buzz that cycling will generate. 

“The great thing with e-bikes is that you still get the burn and benefit from cycling but now with an added boost. And for commuters, there’s no need to change your clothes, so it’s perfect for cycling to work. Anything that will allow more people to afford an e-bike and therefore make a healthy choice is worth doing.” 

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On e-scooter legalisation, Shah said: “It’s great to see the public’s appetite for e-scooters that can be used recreationally and on private land, but it would be great to see the laws in the UK catch up with the rest of the world so that users can exercise the same rights and freedoms that other road users enjoy in more European countries. We think if e-scooters were regulated and licensed this could increase the safety factor of e-scooters with education and simple accessories like helmets, lights and reflective strips.” 

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