Voi integrates Flare technology to improve safety standards and rider experience

Voi has announced a global partnership with Flare, the mobility safety intelligence company.

This collaboration will strengthen Voi’s rental platform with Flare’s technical solutions to protect all of Voi’s riders with advanced incident detection.

Additionally, it will provide visibility for all Voi vehicles on the Flare Aware network used by delivery fleets and large vehicles.

Voi’s 2023 safety report indicated that 5.45 major and severe accidents were recorded per million kilometres ridden on a rental e-scooter or e-bike.

The integration of Flare’s SDK into Voi’s app enables detection of significant rider events, providing Voi with visibility and reactive capabilities to further enhance rider safety.

In the event of a serious incident, Voi will be immediately prompted and able to take appropriate action to support our riders. In partnership with Flare, Voi will also anonymously analyse and share incident data with local authority stakeholders to help design safer streets and improve infrastructure for all road users.

Charlie Wilson, chief commercial officer at Flare, said: “Voi’s continued commitment to improving rider safety and understanding road risks makes working together a natural fit.

“All Voi users are now protected by Flare as well as all Voi vehicles being visible on the rapidly expanding Flare Aware network. Improved safety is universally called out as a requirement across the micromobility industry, so we are delighted to be working with such an innovative and conscious partner in this area with Voi.”

All Voi vehicles will also be visible on the Flare Aware real-time safety network.

The network acts as a pre-warning system, alerting large vehicle and fleet drivers using the network to the presence of vulnerable road users (VRUs), raising awareness to minimise the risk of incidents.

More than 48% of all road accidents are due to a lack of driver awareness, with incidents between VRUs and larger vehicles accounting for the greatest proportion.

Soffi Razavi, head of road safety at Voi, added: “We are thrilled to partner with Flare to further our commitment to rider safety.

“Flare’s advanced safety technology will help us to detect and prevent accidents, and ensure that our riders have the safest possible experience. We believe that this partnership will help to transform the micromobility industry and make it safer for everyone.”

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