Inokim closes London flagship store, cites delay in legalisation of private e-scooters

E-scooter brand Inokim has closed its flagship store in Holborn, London.

In a short statement to customers, a spokesperson for the brand said: “Inokim has been establishing itself as a top brand with a proud core message of customer support and a great experience.

“We have been serving the UK market for quite some time now and with heavy heart we decided to close our flagship store in Holborn, London.

“Unfortunately, the current situation in the micromobility market in the UK, and especially the electric scooters with all the delays in legalisation for more than two years, made us reach this decision until further notice.”

The brand says the community of riders it has built in recent years remains its top priority with warranty and repairs now being handled by Rapid Scooters.

Inokim started out as a garage project in 2009 and currently has four products on the market, the Inokim Light 2 Super, Quick 4 Super, OX Super, and OXO, ranging from £749 up to £1,999.

The OXO is a heavy-duty machine, described by Inokim as the ‘SUV of e-scooters,’ with a range up to 68 miles and a top speed of 38mph. It also features a patented, adjustable dual suspension system.

At the other end of the spectrum, the Light 2 Super, which weighs just 13.7kg, has a range of 18.6 miles and a top speed of 22mph.

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In an interview with Micromobilitybiz last month, the brand said it was hoping to see some adjustments and regulations in the coming 12 months until the legalisation of e-scooters is brought forward.

On what legislation would mean for the micromobility market, and for consumers, Inokim said: “The impact will be across the board, if the legalisation finally arrives. The knowledge that the micromobility companies have now after a few years is pivotal for creating a peaceful, carbon-free environment. It will create an educational platform of getting the message out there and encourage people to use micromobility solutions for their day to day needs.”

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