The E-bike 3 is an evolution of the previous model

Tier begins rollout of new E-bike 3 across London

Micromobility operator Tier has begun rolling out its new Tier E-bike 3 to the streets of London.

The E-bike 3 is an evolution of the previous model, bringing several enhanced features to improve the experience for both riders and Tier’s operations teams.

The model features a new matte paint scheme as well as upgraded touchpoints, with the most commonly used parts of the bike highlighted in orange to aid visibility and improve accessibility for riders. 

This includes the kickstand, seat adjustment collar and the bell.

Less visible is the updated electric motor controller which delivers power more smoothly and makes pedalling feel more natural.

When it comes to power, the Tier E-bike 3 benefits from an upgraded battery pack, offering better range and easier swapping for the operations team. 

The new battery pack is also cross compatible with the recently unveiled Tier 6 e-scooter, paving the way for a single battery to be used across the operator’s fleet in the future. 

Fred Jones, VP and regional general manager for Northern Europe at Tier, said: “The new Tier E-bike 3 is designed to make shared e-bikes more approachable and less intimidating, especially to new users, by highlighting the parts of the bike they can adjust and touch to make their ride comfortable and safe. 

“With the E-bike 3 we are also increasing the number of bikes we have on the streets of London making it easier than ever to find a Tier bike and catering to the ever increasing demand for our e-bike service across London. 

“Our fleet of E-bike 2’s will be refurbished and will go on to support increased demand in other markets as well as upcoming initiatives across the UK. We hope users will enjoy the new bikes as much as we have enjoyed testing them.” 

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Earlier this year, the operator launched its ‘most accurate parking solution to date’ in London, helping to make scooter tracking more accurate.

The new Advanced Vehicle Parking Systems (AVPS) combines Google’s Visual Positioning System with Tier’s in-house parking space surveying solution to create accurate virtual co-ordinates for scooters. 

Tier says this new system will help combat inaccuracies in data and improves parking accuracy, particularly in densely populated urban areas, where GPS can be difficult to obtain.

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