The Light Bee is equivalent to a 50cc moped

Electric motorcycle brand Sur-Ron to offer commuter option in all models

Sur-Ron, the electric motorcycle brand, is offering all its models in two variants, one for off-road use, and the other homologated for legal UK road use.

Aiming to “revolutionise the way riders see inner-city transportation”, Sur-Ron has brought a range performance bikes to the UK, adaptable to extreme sports and everyday commutes.

Its latest mid-size electric motorcycle, the Ultra Bee, and the full-size enduro Storm Bee machine class as the equivalent to 125cc motorcycles and are rideable on a CBT licence for those aged 17 and above.

The Storm Bee

The smaller Light Bee model is classed as the equivalent to a 50cc moped, which can be ridden from the age of 16.

Despite the off-road appearance, every model in the Sur-Ron adult line-up can be homologated for legal UK road use, with lights, indicators and road tyres.

Andrew Shepherd, of Sur-Ron UK, said: “Methods of commuting typically fall into three categories; those suited for the budget-conscious, for the eco-conscious or for the style-conscious. With our lineup of Sur-Ron e-bikes, riders can be all three.”

“Gone are the days of having to choose between bicycles or mopeds to get around the city.

“Despite their style and performance characteristics, our electric motorcycles are not just built for the off-road – thanks to being so nimble and lightweight, they make a very credible option for riders who want to get from A to B easily, with a little bit of added fun.”

The Ultra Bee

Sur-ron believes the brand’s electric motorcycles offer “cost-effective and convenient solutions to short to medium-distance commutes”. 

The Sur-Ron Storm Bee has a maximum range of 65 miles and the cost of mains electricity to fully charge the battery being estimated at £1.63 per charge. 

When compared to the average petrol moped consumption of 60mpg, and current petrol prices of around £1.48 per litre, the Sur-Ron Storm Bee can travel more than 268 miles for the equivalent cost of a gallon of fuel.

Due to being fully electric, there is no road tax to pay and maintenance is significantly reduced as it does not have a combustion engine.

It’s not just road tax that the Sur-Ron e-bikes are exempt from. The UK plans to make all major cities energy-compliant, including factors like congestion charge areas, ultra-low emissions zones (ULEZ) and electric vehicle-only lanes, as well as expanding London’s ULEZ zones across all London boroughs this summer. 

The Light Bee

Also lasting until at least the end of this financial year is the plug-in motorcycle grant (PiMG), currently applicable to the Sur-Ron Light Bee and Storm Bee models.

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With a maximum time of four hours to fully charge the Sur-Ron machines, and the ability to lift out the battery without the need for any tools, commuters can carry their battery to their office and recharge using a standard 3-pin plug.

The Ultra Bee model also features under-seat storage with room to store the battery charger.

With three road-legal variants in its lineup, the 50cc-equivalent Sur-Ron Light Bee (L1e) has an MSRP of £4,995.00, the Ultra Bee (T) has an MSRP of £6,599.00, and the full-size Storm Bee (Enduro) has an MSRP of £8,500.00. 

Prices include VAT + OTR.

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