ASI collaborates with Teznic on Sur-Ron e-bike upgrade

Accelerated Systems Inc (ASI) and Teznic have collaborated to bring the ‘fastest, longest range and highest torque’ Sur-Ron e-bike to the market.

The collaboration brings Sur-Ron owners access to a ‘new level of performance’ that extends the range while increasing the power. “With a top speed of 60mph already, the amalgamated team focused on making it possible for riders to enjoy their ride for longer periods and in more challenging terrains,” said a statement. “All in all, the new customisation lets you go further, faster.”

“I’ve been in this industry for over 11 years now, and in that time, I’ve learned that sometimes, when offered free rein, developers chose to overextend the controller, motor and battery to unsafe and performance reducing levels,” said Martin Kunze, application engineering manager at ASI.

“Working with Teznic, we were able to engineer and market a solution that delivers the maximum amount of power while at the same time providing a safe vehicle with the most consistent ride feel. Ultimately what we have jointly created is a very stable, strong, and efficient tune for this bike.”

John Fiorini, COO of Teznic, added: “Teznic is a forward-thinking organisation with a singular focus, to propel the recreational electric vehicle market to new levels of performance and user experience. It was these values that made our partnership with ASI work so well.

“It provides world-class electric motor controller expertise; delivering ongoing development of our power management technology, yielding increased regenerative braking efficiency by as much as 30%, while also furnishing highly valuable data and analytics.”

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