Tier has unveiled its new parking solution in London

Tier launches ‘most accurate parking solution to date’ in London 

Micromobility operator Tier has launched its ‘most accurate parking solution to date’ in London, helping to make scooter tracking more accurate.

The new Advanced Vehicle Parking Systems (AVPS) combines Google’s Visual Positioning System with Tier’s in-house parking space surveying solution to create accurate virtual co-ordinates for scooters. 

Tier says this new system will help combat inaccuracies in data and improves parking accuracy, particularly in densely populated urban areas, where GPS can be difficult to obtain. 

Kian Tahmasebi, product operations manager for Tier said: “Tier has a strong track record of parking compliance, from bringing the know-how of the Fantasmo into the Tier family and continuously developing new technologies in-house to ensure industry-leading parking precision. 

“By combining Google VPS with our own parking space surveying technology, we are taking the next step in parking compliance by developing the most accurate parking validation solution yet. 

“Parking compliance plays a key role in keeping both riders and pedestrians safe – and we will continue our efforts to provide the safest service possible to our customers and cities.” 

Tier said this new solution is uniquely equipped to deal with the challenges operators currently face when it comes to parking validation in especially dense urban environments.  

The issues faced include errors due to poor GPS connectivity and the reported physical location not corresponding with the digital coordinates of Mandatory Parking Zones (MPZs). Tier analysis conducted in France, Spain and Italy found that coordinates initially provided to operators can be more than 10 metres from their actual location.  

With more accurate parking validation, the Tier operations team can resolve these errors and ensure e-scooters are parked safely in marked bays, out of the way of pedestrians and other road and pavement users.   

AVPS has been launched in London as its first location, with the system due to be rolled out in more cities soon.

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With the new in-house surveying solution, Tier Rangers are able to scan parking zones in the real world and define their exact parameters and geo-locations with extreme precision. This capability will be integrated with Google’s ARCore Geospatial API, which uses Street View image data and advanced machine learning techniques to create 3-D models of cities. 

The updated solution also means that coordinates can be updated at any time, making the new system more responsive to urban planning and fleet and demand-driven changes. 

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