Lime announces £20 million investment in London e-bikes and scooters over next 18 months 

Lime has announced a major £20million investment in London over the next 18 months, as the brand approaches a significant milestone for its shared transport platform.

Headquartered in San Francisco in the USA, Lime launched in London at the end of 2018 and has grown significantly throughout the pandemic, with 2.4 million rides being completed on its e-bikes last year. 

The company is now approaching 5 million e-bike rides in London, and has taken the opportunity to announce a significant investment in the capital.  

Lime is launching its latest Gen4.1 e-scooters in London, as part of plans to pour £20 million into the city over the coming year. 

Alan Clarke, senior director of policy for Lime UK and Ireland, said: “After the worst of the pandemic was over and strict lockdowns lifted, a flurry of Londoners turned to our e-bikes as an easy, open-air and socially distanced means of transport . Many haven’t looked back. 

“From popping to the shops or meeting with friends in parks – and increasingly the return of the commute – ditching cars for e-bikes and e-scooters when taking short trips has offered people a safe, affordable and sustainable means of transport. With our e-bikes popularity now significantly superseding pre-Covid levels, it’s clear that what we’re seeing is just the start of an exciting behaviour change in London as we look to reduce carbon emissions and live our lives more sustainably.” 

After Lime riders completed just over a million journeys in both 2019 and 2020, the company saw a huge jump in usage last year, with 2.4 million rides, a 106% increase on the previous year. 

Lime said improved infrastructure in London, Government investment in cycle lanes, and Low Traffic Neighbourhoods also boosted the popularity of e-scooters and e-bikes. 

Clarke added: “Funds from the Government to deliver not only cycle lanes, but low traffic neighbourhoods, can help continue to persuade more people out of cars and onto active and sustainable options. Figures are showing first-hand the positive impact that such infrastructure can have on cities.” 

Lime’s new generation of e-scooters now feature interactive screens to improve rider education, an improved battery life with a 28% increase in trips per battery swap, a new braking system and stronger scooter structure. 

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The Lime rider who completes the one-millionth e-bike journey will also be gifted one year’s worth of free rides.  

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