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HumanForest sets sustainability and fitness challenges for its users 

Micromobility platform HumanForest has launched new sustainability challenges for its users. 

The London-based e-bike company is urging riders to reduce their carbon footprint, increase their time spent outside, and burn as much energy as they can over the coming weeks. 

First up is the ‘CO2 Saver’ challenge, as HumanForest users are encouraged to reduce their carbon footprint by one kilogram by riding e-bikes, in exchange for rewards. 

Michael Stewart, co-founder and head of marketing at Human Forest, said: “This is a great way to start the new year! We have built a fun and creative way to show our Treenions how their mobility decisions directly impact both their health, and the air quality of our beautiful city. We believe that these Challenges are a fresh way to bring to life the positive social impact we, as a community, are having through HumanForest! The aim of the scheme is to encourage HumanForest riders to understand the great impact that their transport decisions are having on both themselves and the environment they live in.”

From January 17 to January 23, riders can earn HumanForest’s recently launched TreeCoins by reducing their CO2 output – one TreeCoin is worth one minute of free riding on HumanForest machines. 

Over the coming weeks, HumanForest users will then be able to complete the ‘Outside Rider’ and ‘Energy Burner’challenges, to earn further rewards. 

HumanForest offers a unique business model for a micromobility platform, complimenting the cost of journeys with advertising revenue, serving ads to users in its app. 

The platform, which operates 800 zero emission e-bikes in London, recently raised £2.3 million in its pre-series A funding round, bringing its total valuation up to £32 million, up from £10.2 million at the seed stage. 

In November, Human Forest launched its own currency, TreeCoin, as an incentive for shared e-bike users in the capital.

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The currency can be exchanged for free riding minutes, as the company aims to reward its users for choosing sustainable transport.  

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