HumanForest rolls out in Camden following ‘exceptional demand’

HumanForest has arrived in Camden after ‘exceptional demand’ following its launch in Islington at the end of June.

The shared e-bike scheme saw 3,000 users register within two weeks of launch. In order to meet the growing demand, HumanForest is rolling out an additional 1,000 bikes in the coming months.

The brand provides 20 free minutes daily, and then costs 12p per minute. There is no unlocking fee and users can pause their ride, parking the e-bike for up to 23 hours.

The e-bikes can reach up to 15mph, are GPS-tracked and are locked and unlocked exclusively via the HumanForest App.

Co-founder Caroline Seton said: “Getting around has changed significantly for Londoners. HumanForest was conceived as a ‘last mile’ solution but, with the focus on improving health and maintaining social distancing, we’ve seen a huge uptake in cycling which has led us to speed up our rollout.

“Providing a healthy and safe transport option for Londoner’s is a core aim of ours and launching in Camden is another step in delivering this for the whole city.”

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