Gogoro’s Eeyo 1 e-bike now available in UK

Gogoro has announced the UK availability of its ultralight Eeyo 1 e-bike.

The Eeyo 1 will be available for consumers to view and test at The Bike Shop by Smartech, within Selfridges’ flagship London store, with the ability to pre-order either in-store or direct via the eeyo.uk website. Available in four colours, including Arctic White, Magma Orange, Graphite Grey and Cloud Blue, the Eeyo 1 ‘raises the bar’ for e-bike design and performance.

“Weighing in at just 12.5kg, the Eeyo 1’s carbon fibre and alloy construction combines with a forward-leaning sport geometry, allowing riders to move speedily through city streets, bike lanes, and bridges with greater control,” said a statement. “The design and balance of the Eeyo 1 also makes it easy to carry, simplifying life for those in apartments or office buildings without secure bike storage.

“The key to the Eeyo 1’s high-performance design is the Gogoro Eeyo Smartwheel, which was engineered from the ground-up to combine the motor, battery, sensors and smart connectivity into one compact, self-contained hub. With Intelligent Power Assist, the Eeyo Smartwheel utilises a state-of-the-art torque sensor to detect a rider’s pedal-power and instantly delivers pedal assist that provides increased control, power, and speed up to 15.5mph that feels more balanced and natural. This not only conserves energy and prevents the rider from breaking a sweat, but it ensures there is enough power to get you to wherever you want to go and back with power to spare.”

The Eeyo Smartwheel also offers security features like proximity-based auto-lock, which automatically blocks the motor when the Eeyo 1 has been parked for a few minutes or if the rider walks away, making it more difficult to move or ride away.

“E-bikes offer UK cyclists a credible, clean means of personal transportation in towns and cities but just because they’re a serious alternative to cars or public transport, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be fun,” said Horace Luke, founder, and CEO, Gogoro Inc. “The Eeyo 1 ticks every box for anyone who wants the ease and performance of an electric bike with the agility and slimline style of a road bike. It’s unlike any other ebike out there and is guaranteed to turn heads.”

Wirelessly integrated with Eeyo Smartwheel, the Eeyo app optimises the ride, while displaying a simple and intuitive interface that delivers ride information and minimises distractions. Riders can also use the app to select how much assistance they want from the Eeyo Smartwheel to support their own riding style and commute. Sport mode is highly responsive and delivers up to 30 miles of range on a single charge, whilst Eco mode prioritises battery life by delivering a lower level of pedal assist, extending the potential range to approximately 45 miles.

The Eeyo app enables over the air firmware and software updates to wirelessly deliver the latest features and refinements to the Smartwheel, ensuring the Eeyo experience will only improve over time. For example, new features planned for 2022 include integration with Google Fit and Apple Health apps and real-time range estimation to allow you to keep an eye on how much further you can travel before recharging.

Distributed exclusively in the UK by Gogoro Eeyo partner Greene Wheels, the Eeyo 1 is available to pre-order now from the Eeyo UK website, priced at £3,999. London residents can also visit the Bike Shop by Smartech in Selfridges’ flagship London store, where they can see the Eeyo 1 for themselves before ordering in-store.

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