London e-scooter operators support TfL’s Scrappage Scheme with discounted and free rides

London’s e-scooter operators, Dott, Lime and Tier, are supporting TfL’s Scrappage Scheme with discounted and free rides, as London gears up for the expansion of ULEZ in August.

The scheme aims to support Londoners on certain means-tested benefits or non-means-tested disability benefits by providing grants to successful applicants to scrap or retrofit their older vehicles and use cleaner, greener modes of transport.

All three e-scooter operators have launched a series of discounted and free rides. These will be available for Londoners that successfully qualify and apply to the scheme to claim, in addition to the grants from TfL:

Dott – £30 off 30 rides
Receive £30 in credit, for £1 off each ride for 30 rides on Dott‘s e-bikes and e-scooters.

Lime – 300 minutes of free e-scooter rides
5 x 20 minute free e-scooter rides per month, for three months. All applicants must provide proof of low-income and evidence of their vehicle’s scrappage to qualify. To apply, please complete the form at this link.

Tier – Two free ‘unlocks’ and 20 minutes free riding time
All those that live within the London-wide ULEZ are able to redeem a voucher offering two free ‘unlocks’ and 20 minutes free riding time. Enter code TIERULEZ in the Tier app.
50% off Tier e-scooter and e-bike journeys for six months
TfL Scrappage Scheme users who meet TfL’s benefits criteria, as well as charities, will be able to join Tier’s UK Access Scheme, which provides 50% off Tier e-scooter and e-bike journeys for six months. Details available here.

The ULEZ zone currently operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, within the North and South Circular Roads in London. It requires cars driving in London to meet minimum emissions standards when traveling within the zone, or pay a daily charge of £12.50. From 29th August 2023, it is being expanded to cover all London Boroughs.

The TfL Scrappage Scheme opened for applicants yesterday, 30th January, and consists of a scheme for cars and motorcycles (to support Londoners on certain means-tested benefits or non-means tested disability benefits) and one for vans and minibuses (to support eligible micro businesses, sole traders and charities). You can find out if you are eligible for the scheme, and apply here.

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Duncan Robertson, UK general manager, Dott, said: “We are committed to helping the cities we operate in become cleaner and more pleasant places by providing sustainable vehicles. London’s expanded ULEZ zone will accelerate this change, and by offering discounted trips for users of TfL’s scrappage scheme we hope to make it easier for people to switch to cleaner modes of transport.”

Georgia Corr, public affairs manager at Lime UK, said: “London is raising the bar and setting an example for other cities when it comes to encouraging people out of cars and onto more sustainable modes. The Mayor’s expansion of the ULEZ zone and TfL’s Scrappage Scheme is proof of this, and both have our full backing as means to help reduce congestion and emissions. Sustainable travel is already booming in London, and we hope to help this trend continue in the Capital with our Scrappage Scheme offer.”

Jessica Hall, head of public policy UK, Tier, said: “Poor air quality is a health concern for everyone living and working in the London area. TfL and the Mayor of London’s leadership in proactively tackling the issue is making a long-term difference for the capital’s inhabitants. We know that for some people, micro-mobility could provide a sustainable alternative to needing to own their own car at all. To that end we are offering ULEZ Scrappage Scheme users discounted and free access to our fleet of shared e-scooters and e-bikes.”

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