The e-bike industry continues to grow in the Netherlands (Pic: Sofia from Pixabay)

42% of Dutch adults own at least one e-bike

A new large-scale study of e-bikes in the Netherlands has revealed that 42% of adults in the country own at least one micromobility product. 

E-bike Monitor, a market research project into electric bikes, scooters and light electric vehicles (LEVs) carried out by Multiscope, found that the Dutch population currently owns  €12.4 billion (£10 billion) worth of micromobility products, with around 5.5million people currently owning an e-bike.

According to the research, a survey of 5,000 Dutch adults representative of the wider population 42% of Dutch people aged 18 and older own one or more electric bicycles, electric scooters or light electric vehicles (LEVs). 

The market value for micromobility has grown by 24% between 2021 and 2022, from €10 billion to €12.4 billion. 

E-bikes currently dominated the market (€11.8 billion), followed by e-scooters (€420 million) and LEVs (€220 million). 

While the markets for electric bicycles and scooters are growing by 24% and 27% respectively, the market for LEVs is growing fastest at 69%, according to the Multiscope study. 

The value of micromobility products is also rising – the cost of electric city bikes has reportedly jumped from €1,876 to €2,036  in the past year. 

A 2022 micromobility market value report recently valued the industry at around £37 billion in 2020, with expectations to reach over £169 billion by 2030.

In 2021, the Bicycle Association also revealed that the micromobility industry was worth £25 million in London alone in 2020. 

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The BA found that e-bikes were worth an estimated £16.6 million in products and services in London during 2020, while other micromobility products like scooters contributed a further £9.1 million. 

The £25 million figure made up around 16% of the wider bike industry, worth around £159 million in 2020 in the UK. 

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