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West Yorkshire Police hold e-scooter ‘week of action’ to educate e-scooter riders

West Yorkshire Police has recapped its ‘week of action’ designed to educate e-scooter riders, resulting in the seizure of three vehicles, and 20 members of the public being stopped by officers.

Taking place from Monday 30th January to Sunday 5th February, officers from the West Yorkshire Roads Policing Unit recorded and collated any warnings and enforcement action taken in relation to privately-owned e-scooters. 

The force said action was taken in response to the number recent of fatal and serious injury e-scooter collisions, with the aim of educating the public on the legality of e-scooters. 

Officers revealed they stopped 20 members of the public riding e-scooters and seized three vehicles – two for riding with no insurance or driving licence, and a third due to anti-social use.

Inspector Chris Robinson, of West Yorkshire Roads Policing Team said: “We continue to engage with members of the public around the lawful use of e-scooters and inform riders of the potential dangers they face if they ride them on a public road, which we have seen illustrated through both fatal and serious injury collisions.

“We will also continue to prioritise education around the subject and will work with our partners to identify suitable opportunities to ensure we are reaching our target groups.

“If a rider has already been warned about their illegal use of the e-scooter in a public place, officers will have the option to seize the vehicle, for the safety of both the rider and other members of the public using West Yorkshire’s roads.” 

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Speaking before the campaign, Inspector Chris Robinson from the Roads Policing Unit said: “Sadly, nationally there have been a number of fatal and serious injury collisions involving e-scooters. Many of these collisions have involved children. This week of action is around working with children and parents alike to engage, educate and encourage those illegally using e-scooters to stop using them on roads and public spaces. 

“There is of course a fourth ‘e’ – enforce. Where someone has already been warned about the illegal use of an e-scooter or is using the e-scooter in an otherwise anti-social or dangerous manner then we will look to seize the vehicle and take enforcement action.

“We don’t want to be unnecessarily taking away e-scooters that may have been purchased as Christmas presents or similar, but owners need to be aware that they should only be used on private land. This is all about making our roads safer for everyone.”

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