E-bike and scooter brand Zinc has called on Government to support e-bike sales

E-mobility brand Zinc calls for e-bike subsidies to encourage public to take up cycling 

British e-mobility brand Zinc has called on the Government to offer e-bike subsidies, similar to those currently offered for zero-emission motorbikes and cars. 

Zinc, specialist in e-scooters and e-bikes, said that there is growing appetite for e-bikes, and that the Government needs to support their use to encourage cycling. 

On the eve of the Commonwealth Games, Zinc CEO Chirag Shah released a statement arguing that e-bikes have appeal for both leisure and commuting riders.

Shah said: “E-bikes are a fantastic route into cycling for beginners, or for those returning to cycling, as they provide a helping hand when it comes to conquering physical fitness challenges that would have remained a barrier with a normal bike. We couldn’t think of a more fitting time to introduce a subsidy than after the Commonwealth Games so that the public can benefit from the buzz that cycling will generate. 

“The great thing with e-bikes is that you still get the burn and benefit from cycling but now with an added boost. And for commuters, there’s no need to change your clothes, so it’s perfect for cycling to work. Anything that will allow more people to afford an e-bike and therefore make a healthy choice is worth doing.” 

Last month, Zinc joined calls for the Government to provide clarity on the legalisation of e-scooters, amid the soaring cost of fuel prices. 

Zinc urged ministers to provide a timescale for the proposed e-scooter legislation update, which is expected to be brought in during the next parliamentary session, but without a clear date on when scooters could be legalised.

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It is currently illegal to ride privately-owned electric scooters on public roads, while there are currently more than 30 trial scooter rental schemes in operation across the UK, which the Government is using to collect safety data to inform its legislation update.

The new Transport Bill is expected to introduce a new e-scooter. 

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