E-bike brand Mycle has partnered with environmental organisation Ecologi

E-mobility brand Mycle partners with green organisation to plant a tree for every order 

British e-mobility brand Mycle has partnered with environmental organisation Ecologi to plant a tree for every order placed.

Mycle is a green-inspired e-bike builder, which offers a range of e-bikes from folding bikes through to off-road and fat tyre models. 

As part of its partnership with Ecologi, an environmental group based in Bristol, a tree will be planted for every order placed on the Mycle website, with 1,700 trees already planted so far. 

A statement from Mycle said: “Planting trees has been shown to be one of the most effective tools for tackling the climate crisis, with newly planted trees not only soaking up carbon dioxide but also locking it away for years to come. 

“The benefits don’t stop there though, the tree planting projects are based around the world and hire local workers to plant and guard the new forests, offering consistent income to poverty stricken communities while restoring the environment.” 

As part of its green mission, Mycle’s UK-based bike-building workshops use 100% renewable energy with orders shipped directly to customers.  

Ecologi, founded by a group of environmentalists in Bristol in 2018, supports a range of projects aimed at reducing greenhouse emissions, including the planting of trees. 

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Today Ecologi has around 30,000 members and avoids the equivalent of 25 million road miles worth of carbon emissions everyday.

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