Batribike is now available on Citrus Lime

E-bike brand Batribike now live on Citrus-Lime retail system 

British e-bike brand Batribike is now live on the Citrus-Lime retail system, complete with battery and bike configurations. 

Batribike, based in Lincoln and run by the Coulson family, offers a wide range of e-bikes, from step-through commuters to e-mountain bikes. 

Sue Coulson, Batribike marketing manager, said: “Several of our dealers had asked us if it was possible, and I am delighted to say it was! I believe we are the first all e-bike brand to launch on the system.

“With the ever-changing demands of the industry, it is great to be able to use different technologies to link with our dealers, and to say yes when they ask for help.

“There have been some challenges along the way, but we have worked closely with Patrick Adamson, the supplier integration team leader at Citrus-Lime, to get all our bike/battery combinations listed in an easy to manage way.”

Adamson added: “Batribike is a welcome addition to our Cloud POS Supplier Integration platform. It’s a great brand with a rich pedigree and we’re delighted to be working in partnership with Batribike to incorporate its products. As a consequence, independent bike retailers will benefit from Batribike products automatically activating on their Citrus-Lime e-commerce sites as soon as they book their stock into Cloud POS.”

Batribike dealers who use the system are already benefiting from getting all the images and specifications auto loaded on their websites.

For further information on becoming a Batribike dealer contact the Batribike office on 01427 787774 or use the Dealer Opportunities form on the website

Batribike was founded in 2007 by Steve and Jackie Coulson, who started out selling other e-bike brands before establishing their own. 

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The company has since joined in partnership with Danish supplier ProMovec, establishing a new company in December 2017.

This year Batribike is celebrate 15 years in the electric bike business, and 10 years in the folding bike bag business.  

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