Beryl launches in-person and digital e-scooter safety training programme

British e-scooter hire provider Beryl has announced an e-scooter skills training programme, aiming to help promote road safety education and practical skills amongst e-scooter riders across the UK.

The first session for riders took place in Kings Park Cycle Centre yesterday.

Since the DfT’s e-scooter trial began in July 2020, it’s estimated over two million journeys have been taken via e-scooter sharing fleets. The vehicles have provided essential workers with safe and sustainable travel during the COVID-19 pandemic and research shows they are replacing short car journeys, which can drastically reduce personal carbon emissions.

Beryl’s e-scooter skills training programme, designed with Bikeworks and supported by the Bikeability Trust, will provide practical training sessions as well as a digitised programme that ensures riders are sufficiently educated and skilled to use e-scooters.

Beryl’s first in-person training programme, which will be delivered by trained Bikeability instructors, will be rolled out in Bournemouth in partnership with the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council to post-16 education providers. Beryl will provide complimentary e-scooters for the sessions for all participants.

Beryl has worked with Bikeworks to create an e-scooter equivalent of the National Standard for Cycle Training, which will be digitised so all Beryl users have complimentary access to complete the e-scooter safety training. All Beryl e-scooter users will be offered discounted minute bundles as an incentive to participate in the digitised training programme also hosted within Beryl’s free to download app.

The e-scooter skills training programme will educate users on riding technique, general behaviour, compliance with the Highway Code and how to minimise risks whilst riding.

“E-scooters have proven to be a valuable contribution in the way they can help us travel around urban areas,” said Beryl CEO Phil Ellis. “As we continue to encourage people to leave their personal motor vehicles at home for short journeys, we should also offer them the opportunity to ride confidently on e-scooters. There is nothing inherent about somebody riding a scooter that makes them more or less reckless than other road users, we want to help establish e-scooter norms and safer riding behaviours.”

“The immense knowledge and enthusiasm of Bikeworks, Bikeability and their army of instructors have helped provide in-person cycle training to young people and adults for decades. We are excited to have partnered with them to create an e-scooter equivalent of their acclaimed programme that will help ensure Beryl e-scooter users feel comfortable out on the road and change the way they’re perceived across various communities.”

Bikeworks head of development David Dansky said: “Bikeworks is pleased to partner with Beryl in the development of these training materials. As well as promoting safety, this programme will also encourage e-scooting as a viable sustainable alternative for people to replace short car trips.

“This will contribute to places which are more pleasant for everyone. Riding a Beryl e-scooter as part of this work was surprisingly eye-opening for me. E-scooting is active travel, and e-scooting can bring to people similar benefits in terms of their well-being, to walking and cycling.”

Benjamin Smith, head of development for the Bikeability Trust, added: “Good roadcraft should be applied to all forms of micromobility, we urge all road users to access training where they can. Beryl has taken this seriously by developing a quality in-person and digital product to educate users and improve understanding and cooperation between all road users through training, which is to be applauded.”

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