The Zoomo One (Picture: Zoomo)

Zoomo announces new ‘supercharged’ speed e-bike

Zoomo has announced a new ‘supercharged’ speed e-bike, designed to replace the petrol moped. 

Delivery e-bike brand Zoomo has unveiled the Zoomo One, an electric bike with a top speed of 45km/h, purpose built for last-mile delivery services. 

The Zoomo One is designed to eliminate the need for petrol mopeds on the roads, the firm said, by offering a low-emission and competitively priced option. 

Retailing at £3,000, the One will feature advanced LED lighting, real-time location safety tracking, and 60kg carrying capacity, all with a 1kwh swappable battery, design to last for a full working day. 

Zoomo said its latest addition to the speed e-bike market is also customisable with company branding and logos.

Other features include integrated GPS and bluetooth. 

Zoomo CEO and co-founder, Mina Nada, said: “The Zoomo One will be the end of the petrol moped. It is a true sector disruptor that displaces noisy and pollutive mopeds, and provides the most sustainable way to deliver bulky packages – all within 10 minute delivery timeframes. 

“We are on the precipice of an EV revolution across the globe, and the Zoomo One will be a critical catalyst in fuelling this transition. The Zoomo One will be an obvious smart substitute to smaller, gas-vehicles on our roads.” 

The Zoomo One will be released in the USA from H1, 2022 and will then be rolled out in the UK and Europe in H2. 

Zoomo was founded by ex-deliveroo and Mobike executive Mina Nada and his business partner Michael Johnson, who established themselves in 2019 with the mission of increasing the use of e-bikes in the delivery sector. 

Last month, the Australian e-bike brand announced it had raised $60 million (£45 million) in Series B round funding, as it aimed to expand in the European market. 

The new funds will be invested in growing the company’s fleet of e-bikes for the commercial delivery industry, Zoomo said.  

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