Vok has launched a shared delivery service in London (Picture: London Photography Studios)

Vok launches on-demand e-cargo bike sharing scheme in London 

Electric cargo bike brand Vok has launched a unique sharing scheme in London, to aid the city’s delivery sector. 

Estonia-based firm Vok has partnered with tech logistic company Stuart Delivery to introduce a new on-demand mobility project, which will let delivery riders rent Vok e-cargo machines on a short-term basis with no prior financial commitment. 

The new scheme is now available in Croydon and the surrounding areas of south London, with the bikes being rolled out across London by the end of 2022. 

Head of sustainability at Stuart UK, Julien Weyl, said: “Accelerating the transition to low emission vehicles is crucial to reducing our emissions, however couriers on our platform own their own vehicles and are often constrained in their ability to switch to using electric vehicles.

“Through partnerships with companies equally committed to sustainable mobility like Vok, we are able to combat this barrier and make it easier for couriers to do so. This will not only contribute to lowering Stuart company emissions but also enable couriers to reduce their own personal carbon footprints too.” 

Vok’s e-cargo bike design features compartments that allow for multiple delivery orders to be completed at one. 

Stuart, founded in 2015, connects businesses with a fleet of local independent couriers to offer same or next-day deliveries.  Couriers will be able to take advantage of fast, low-emissions deliveries in the capital, as it aims to offer more environmentally-friendly transport modes for its services. 

Indrek Petjärv, CEO and co-founder of Vok Bikes, said: “Vok Bikes enables delivery platforms to increase efficiency in the booming and super-competitive delivery market, making hiring couriers easier, enabling better working conditions and leveraging a business model that has a great fit with courier lifestyle. We welcome Stuart as an invaluable partner in a mission to make sustainable and efficient last-mile delivery widely available across Europe.“ 

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London is the first major city in Vok’s European expansion, after the brand launched its first prototype model 18 months ago, before launching a fleet in the Estonian capital Tallinn. 

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