The new Voi V5 has officially launched

Voi unveils fleet of new scooters in the UK, featuring more recycled materials and improved safety 

E-scooter operator Voi has unveiled its new fleet of machines in Liverpool, Bath and Bristol.

The  new Voiager 5 model has already been rolled out on the streets, and features more recycled materials and some all new safety features. 

Liverpool, Bath and Bristol are the first cities in the UK to experience the new model, which has already been successfully rolled out across Europe, including Madrid, Milan, Rome and Bordeaux. 

Jack Samler, general manager at Voi UK and Ireland, said: “The Voiager 5 model encapsulates Voi’s values, from pushing boundaries when it comes to safe and inclusive design, to riding together so that we can create better cities for living, free of congestion and pollution.

“Producing a new model like this is the result of collaboration across the board, from warehouse staff to engineering experts, sustainability gurus to mechanical geniuses. It is this Voi teamwork that has rapidly transformed our commitment to circularity and sustainability.

“We know that our riders will love the new V5 model because it’s suited to their everyday needs as it’s engineered for the city. We’re excited to continue delivering a world-class rental scheme to help decarbonise cities like Liverpool, Bristol and Bath and create better places for living.”

The key new features on the Voiager 5 include a larger front wheel and increased tyre tread depth, and improved shock absorption. 

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Improved braking is also a notable feature of the V5, along with improved accuracy for parking tracking. 

Other new key features developed with inclusion in mind are:

  • An updated dashboard design on the V5, which has seen the addition of a centrally-located integrated phone holder, enabling riders to navigate more safely. Additionally, integrating the phone holder into the scooter frame improves its durability and repair-ability as it is more robust
  • A more ergonomic handlebar whereby the brakes, indicator switch and bell are easier to reach, even for those with smaller hands
  • Auto-cancelling indicators, preventing riders from having to lower their gaze mid-ride to inactivate them

Sustainability is also a key feature, with the lifespan of each machine extended to five years, increased modularity to make repairs easier, and use of more recycled materials in the design.  

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