Voi joins forces with CityMaaS and Captur to help make streets more accessible

Voi has partnered with CityMaaS and Captur to give road users a simple way to locate, navigate and report any misplaced scooters that may cause concern to the public.

This collaboration will allow the e-scooter operator and local authorities to make more informed decisions, making the necessary adjustments to the service or infrastructure to create safer and more inclusive cities. At the same time, Voi will be able to prioritise and address any reported hazards even faster.

Voi’s API integration with CityMaaS Mobility Map Platform will allow CityMaaS to share the location of Voi e-scooters in its real-time travel information, which is available for free for disabled people, and tailored to their needs across the UK. CityMaaS users will also be able to report any scooters causing concern, so Voi can take action and correct the situation.

The platform uses machine learning to predict any missing accessibility data with an accuracy of 80%, enabling the community to crowd-source real-time travel information to help each other to overcome travel obstacles in smart cities. This integration will be live at the beginning of 2021.

In addition, Voi is also doing a trial with London-based software platform Captur. The collaboration will enable anyone who finds a Voi e-scooter misplaced to report its exact location and the issue by scanning a QR code, located on the base of the scooter and submit a photo. This solution aims to improve local recovery operations and leverage machine learning to drive improvements in accessible parking and safer streets for all. Voi will start to trial the Captur software in one of the cities where Voi has trials at the beginning of 2021.

“We are moving from technology-centric to people-centric smart cities,” said Cristiana Camisotti, Captur advisor. “It is fantastic to see three entrepreneurial businesses working together to make the future of our cities more inclusive. It’s interesting to think a global pandemic has helped drive forward the future of mobility to make our smart cities more accessible.’

Richard Corbett, regional general manager of UK, Ireland and Benelux for Voi, added: “We are thrilled to be collaborating with these two outstanding UK tech businesses. Not only are they aligned with us in terms of our goal to build safer and better cities for all, particularly post-pandemic, but most importantly, they support our mission as a responsible business and our commitment towards Vision Zero.

“This integration with CityMaaS and pilot with Captur will allow us to offer a new set of services and tools to all road users, empowering and enabling them to access and share information with us in real-time. This collaborative process will contribute to a progressive transformation of our cities, making them greener, friendlier and more inclusive.”

Rene Perkins, founder and CEO at CityMaaS, said: “Mobility is an essential part of every human being. Micromobility is here to stay supplementing the wider MaaS ecosystem in smart cities like London. It is very encouraging to see Voi Technology proactively collaborating with CityMaaS and Captur to help prevent and resolve nuisance or inappropriate rider behaviour, and its impact on local residents, particularly disabled people.

“It is impressive the length and breadth of work that the Voi Technology team has gone through to ensure an inclusive micro-mobility service is provided. We are pleased that Voi has included prevention – such as an educational video to encourage positive rider behaviour, – and established a customer response team to resolve any issues related with incorrectly parked scooters. This partnership is very much aligned with CityMaaS vision – to improve accessible living.”

Charlotte Bax, Captur founder, said “We’ve seen how Covid 19 has sped up adoption of new green modes of transport as people look for safer, more convenient ways of travelling. The future of transportation is on-demand, with new subscription and pay-as-you-ride shared e-scooters and bikes popping up all over our cities.

“By partnering with Voi to enable anyone to capture evidence of damage or potential hazards, we hope to drive the shift from antisocial behaviour to a shared responsibility for our neighbourhoods and cities. We believe that inclusive, open-access technology is the key to building trust – between operators, councils, and city dwellers.”

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