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Tier partners with Captur to encourage reporting of e-scooter misuse as London trial expands

Tier will further tackle e-scooter safety issues in the capital by encouraging riders and pedestrians to report misparking, misuse and abandonment through a new QR code feature. The feature, launched in partnership with AI startup Captur, is just one of the several initiatives rolled out to improve the safety of …

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Voi launches first pilot with Captur to improve accessibility and mobility

Voi has launched its first pilot with Captur, with the aim to improve accessibility and mobility. Thanks to Captur, residents of Oxford can report the location of any misplaced e-scooter and the issue by scanning the QR code located on the base of the Voi scooter and sending a photo. …

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Voi joins forces with CityMaaS and Captur to help make streets more accessible

Voi has partnered with CityMaaS and Captur to give road users a simple way to locate, navigate and report any misplaced scooters that may cause concern to the public. This collaboration will allow the e-scooter operator and local authorities to make more informed decisions, making the necessary adjustments to the …

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