Velco to offer IoT solutions for Shimano e-bike brands

Velco is now collaborating with Shimano to offer IoT and digital solutions to bicycle brands and manufacturers.

After two years of development, Velco officially becomes the off-shelf IoT device partner of the Japanese bicycle parts and engine manufacturer.

The EP6 and EP8 motors are equipped with a dedicated connector to plug a Velco IoT device, communicating in CAN. With this compatibility, Velco can collect data and send commands on the bike, offering connected services to brands and cyclists.

Cyclists are able to benefit from connected services to ensure their safety and the security of the bike. Via a mobile application, the cyclist secures the bike against theft with a digital locking system, suspicious movement notifications, a sound alarm and geolocation.

On the safety side, the cyclist will be provided with maintenance support.

To simplify maintenance and ensure the proper functioning of the bike, the brand communicates advice and sets up alerts and notifications to encourage the cyclist to perform the right maintenance operations at the right time.

Riders can customise their maintenance follow-up according to their preferences and uses, they can also benefit from statistics and trip history.

Velco believes that brands who connect their electric bikes and implement a digital strategy will increase their revenues. Thanks to the connected offer, the brand differentiates itself with a solution that addresses the fear of bike theft. Brands also create margin on subscriptions to connected services via the white labelled mobile application.

The brand establishes a long-term and direct relationship with cyclists to satisfy them, build loyalty and make them ambassadors.

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Data collected on the uses and knowledge of users allows the brand to develop its product and service offer as closely as possible to the needs and expectations of cyclists.

Johnny Smith, Co-founder and CMO of Velco, said: “Velco has developed a software suite for the entire bicycle value chain, starting from the motor manufacturers’ perspective. In the future, technologies such as IoT to provide new services that enhance the cycling experience will be integrated directly into the engines.

“The focus will then be on digital solutions, in which Velco is already investing heavily with value-added applications for every stakeholder in the cycling industry, to support this transition. Cycling professionals, mainly brands, are making an unprecedented transition to a digital and increasingly innovative market.”

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