CIXI and Look Cycle collaborate on innovative concept bike

CIXI has unveiled a new concept bike with its chain-less pedalling technology and its collaboration with Look Cycle International. This collaboration between Look Cycle and CIXI aims to push forward innovation in the next wave of the electric bike market.

By combining Look’s expertise in bike design and CIXI’s chainless pedalling technology, the two companies have created a concept bike called the Rover 45

It features a high-end Look frame specifically designed for speed bike commuting, paired with CIXI’s electronic pedalling technology, the PERS (Pedaling Energy Recovery System). This technology eliminates the need for gear shifting and the maintenance associated with power transmission.

Pierre Francis, CIXI CEO, said: “Joining forces with Look Cycle is giving great momentum to our actions here at CIXI. Originally we conceptualised the VIGOZ, a light vehicle that allows pedalling up to 120 km/h on any highway.

“Then, as we met Look, we extended our pedalling technology to bikes, bringing the chainless technology straight away to high standards of haptics and efficiency in cycling. It is a fantastic synergy.”

The collaboration has allowed Look to bring their experience in bike design to create a bike specifically tailored for high-speed commuting. The concept is a celebration of geometry freedom designed for comfort and elegance.

Thanks to CIXI’s chainless pedalling technology and the battery (exclusively engineered for this new architecture) connecting the frame with the rear wheel – no chainstay needed – the lines are precise.

The Rover 45 can reach a maximum assisted speed of 45 km/h, equipped with a 700 Wh battery, and a front and rear Pannier MIK compatibility. CIXI’s chainless pedalling technology allows reactive and intuitive speed control over the bicycle without gear shifting nor any concern about chain maintenance while keeping a natural pedalling experience for the user.

This French collaboration between Look Cycle and CIXI represents a new perspective on pushing forward innovation in the electric bike market. By leveraging the strengths of both companies, they aim to “revolutionise the cycling industry”, comparable to the leap from manual gearboxes to electric vehicles in the automotive industry.

Federico Musi Look Cycle CEO said: “This innovative technology holds great potential for the future of cycling transportation, making it a meaningful addition to the market. The collaboration between the two teams has been focused and fruitful, with the PERS seamlessly integrating into the Look project frame.”

Pierre Jean Martin, Look Cycle CTO, added: “Throughout the one and a half years of focused work on this project, Look provided the necessary resources, expertise, and guidance to ensure its success. We collaborated closely with the CIXI team, bringing together their expertise in chainless pedalling technology and our excellence in bike design.

“Look’s role was to design a frame specifically tailored for an S-Pedelec bike, ensuring that it complemented and enhanced the CIXI PERS technology. We worked closely with CIXI to integrate their technology seamlessly into our frame, creating a cohesive and high-performance product.”

The Rover 45 is a show bike not currently available for sale.

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