Tier partners with Zipabout to bring last-mile journey option to millions of rail users

Micromobility company Tier has partnered with the personalised journey information provider Zipabout, to provide millions of rail users with a sustainable option for the last mile of their trips.

The partnership means anyone opted in to receive journey information from Zipabout’s rail clients, including National Rail Enquiries, c2c, EMR and LNER, can now be directed to Tier e-scooters and e-bikes for the final leg of their journey.

It will see Tier integrated into the wider London and York public transport networks on the app, with e-scooters and e-bikes appearing alongside other transport modes such as bus, taxi and walking routes. Passengers arriving at relevant stations will also receive a voucher offering them 25% off their first five Tier e-scooter and e-bike journeys.

Georgia Yexley, Tier’s general manager of UK and Ireland, said: “We want to give as many people as possible the choice of environmentally friendly transport when moving around London and York; this partnership will do just that in offering sustainable last-mile travel.

“Even the smallest changes to travel habits can make a significant impact – integrating e-scooters into journey planning services, alongside our voucher incentive, will encourage the behavioural change we need towards sustainable travel.

“By replacing more short car journeys with Tier’s carbon-neutral e-scooters and e-bikes, both London and York will benefit from reduced inner-city congestion and improved air quality, helping to create healthier, greener communities and reach Net Zero goals.”

Micromobility operator Tier is active in more than 180 cities around the world including London, Paris, and Berlin. Zipabout said it shares its mission to encourage sustainable travel, and its work integrating micromobility options into the public transport network will help improve air quality in cities.

The integration will further support Tier’s ambition to cut carbon emissions in cities by encouraging sustainable transport choices and reducing reliance on cars.

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Alex Froom, Zipabout’s CEO, added: “We see this partnership as an incredibly important step to getting people back on public transport after the pressures of the last two years. We’re putting real-time journey information at their fingertips which will help them travel with confidence and make the sustainable last-mile choice.

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