Honbike launches Red Dot award-winning folding e-bike on Indiegogo

Honbike has launched a new version of its eponymous chainless e-bike via Indiegogo.

The folding e-bike is minimalist, yet robust, said the company, with just 57 core components.

“Micromobility is fast changing the way we live, work, and move,” said Ken Miner, GM of Honbike Inc. “Honbike is all about e-bike fun and freedom. With no chain, there’s no fuss. And there’s no grease, no snagging, and no jolting either.

“Taking cues from automotive and aeronautical engineering, we set out to answer a simple brief: create a light and durable e-bike that is easy to live with and a blast to ride. Reactions from our riders in Japan suggest we’ve done just that.”

Corrosion-resistant, the frame is formed from single weld, moulded aluminium alloy. Lightweight, strong, and durable, its minimalist folding form includes single-arm cantilevered forks.

Out the box, three modules are pieced using two hex keys. Honbike’s saddle height is adjustable via its Butterfly Lock and it folds in fewer than 15 seconds. A strong and steady integrated kickstand keeps Honbike in its place, unfolded and folded.

Taking inspiration from high-performance motorbikes, Honbike has a patented shaft drive system. Its system is fully encased in an aluminium shell, delivering 24,800+ miles of grime-free, maintenance-free propulsion.

Honbike has also engineered a brushless motor specifically for this bike, now upgraded to 250 watts.

The e-bike’s integrated gyroscope works with its torque sensor and speed sensor to monitor and anticipate rider behaviour, meaning instant power-assist. When climbing a steep slope, high torque from the pedal-powered shaft drive combines with the motor.

Honbike automatically detects and adjusts to different terrains, applying power in tune with the rider. The same gyroscope technology reacts to acute cornering angles, cutting power if the bike tilts over 30° and slowing descents. Ergonomic brake levers hinging at each end of the handlebars prevent clothes snagging or gouging in a collision.

With the shaft drive powering the rear wheel and the light motor powering the front, Honbike has two-wheel drive traction. An Oled handlebar display shows speed, battery life and trip status. It also has reflective strips on the handlebars and tyres, LED lights (front and rear), plus an integrated bell.

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Developed over three years by design and engineering teams in China, Japan, and Europe, Honbike is tested in the laboratory and on the road. Its patented shaft drive system endured 3,000+ fatigue and durability tests during development. Honbike meets North America’s UL2849 and UL2271 safety standards, as well as Europe’s EN15194 e-bike safety standard.

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