Nextbike has won a tender to provide e-bikes in Barcelona

Tier-owned Nextbike wins e-bike tender for Barcelona 

Tier-owned micromobility brand Nextbike has won the e-bike tender for Barcelona, as 2,600 machines are due to be rolled out in the city. 

Nextbike by Tier, a German-based shared e-bike operator, has won the Europe-wide tender to roll out a scheme in Barcelona, to add to its scheme in six other Spanish cities, including Bilbao, Leon and Las Palmas. 

Founded in 2004 in Leipzig, Nextbike has been owned by Berlin-based micromobility brand Tier since 2021. 

 Jhon Alexander Ramirez Ospina, business developer for Spain at Nextbike by Tier said: “The new AMBici service, created by AMB and operated by TMB, fills that gap by offering a new way for people to travel around the metropolitan area, both conveniently and sustainably. We hope to see similar success to our Bilbaobizi system in Bilbao, where we recorded up to 18 rentals per bike a day.”

The new bike scheme for Barelona will be called AMBici, and will see 2,600 e-bikes rolled out in early 2023. 

In agreement with AMB and TMB, through a public release, nextbike by Tier will operate a total of 15 municipalities in the metropolitan area of Barcelona with 2,600 e-bikes, to be distributed across 236 stations, with full expansion expected to be completed by the end of April. Once completed, all 15 municipalities will then be fully integrated into the new bike-sharing system, to help reduce emissions and improve the air quality.

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The tender win follows the release of new data showing that Tier Mobility has empowered riders to replace 48 million kilometres of car journeys in the 24 countries it serves, avoiding 8 million kilograms of CO2 emissions. The savings equate to 8,376 aeroplane trips from London to New York or 55,351 car journeys from Berlin to Paris.  

Nextbike already operates in more than 300 locations worldwide.  

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