Sarajevo to ‘trust public’ and host untethered e-scooters despite global reports of misuse

Sarajevo is the latest city to play host to the e-scooter revolution after Beebee launched 72 shared rides in the Bosnian capital.

The service – accessed via the Beebee app – allows users to locate the nearest e-scooter, check its battery condition and reserve it and a cost of 17KM (£8) per hour.

Despite the challenges that untethered e-scooters have brought on a global – such as in Oslo, Chicago, Teeside and Coventry – the scooters will not have designated stations. Beebee is instead relying on users to park them in a “suitable and visible location” so others can find them with ease.

“We are very proud to start a new project, a new business, and offer something new in these difficult times of coronavirus pandemic,” said Dino Hajric, CEO and founder of Beebee.

Hajric said that the idea was to both improve the traffic and help reduce CO2 emissions in Sarajevo.

Sarajevo Mayor Abdulah Skaka said that the city supported the project because it fits into its vision of a “smart city” and the green-city-platform that the city’s authorities are building.

According to local media, e-scooters are not yet covered by traffic legislation, but the authorities are already working to adjust the state law.

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