Rad Power Bikes unveils new RadMission e-bike

Rad Power Bikes has unveiled its lowest-priced model yet, the RadMission.

The single-speed e-bike is built for commuting with lightweight and streamlined components, including a high-torque 250W motor (500W in the uS) and an all-new battery pack that’s smaller than Rad Power Bikes’ existing version but still achieves the same 40–72+ km range per charge.

It also comes in multiple colours and mid-step and high-step frame sizes, with both sizes weighing roughly 22kg.

The RadMission Electric Metro Bike features a high-torque geared hub motor for a smooth, capable ride, the company has said, and at under 50 lbs, weighs roughly 15lbs lighter than its other models.

It is available for pre-order now with an expected ship date of October.

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