F1 driver Lando Norris with the new Pure scooter

Pure Electric launches two new e-scooters, featuring unique riding position and folding chassis

British e-scooter brand Pure Electric has unveiled two new models, designed with the rider experience and safety at the forefront. 

Launched during an event on Wednesday afternoon (5th October) Pure, founded by entrepreneur Adam Norris in 2018, introduced the new Advance and Advance Flex models to the market, which feature a forward-facing, feet apart standing position for riders, offering more stability and comfort. 

Pure, one of the major players in UK micromobility, recently closed down a majority of its high street stores, as it moved away from e-bike retail to focus on partnerships with third-party sellers and online sales. 

The new Pure Advanced Flex

The brand also recently signed its first major partnership with a UK retailer, electronics store Currys. 

On the launch of the new models of e-scooter Norris, father of Formula 1 driver Lando Norris, said: “Transport systems across the world are broken. Millions of people waste countless hours trapped in congestion while indirectly damaging our environment, through lack of choice.

“We are driven by a fierce ambition to reinvent personal travel and today, we’re immensely proud to launch Pure Advance and Pure Advance Flex, specifically created for people striving to get the best out of city living.”

 Instead of a narrow deck where the rider stands slightly twisted, with one foot in front of the other, Pure Advance and Pure Advance Flex feature a central chassis with a footpad on either side. This approach allows the rider to stand with their feet shoulder-width apart, their weight balanced, facing fully forwards.

The Pure Advance features unique folding handlebars and footpads to make storing it in a hallway or corridor easy. Its slimline features make the Pure Advance up to 70% slimmer than a traditional scooter. For those who want even more flexibility, the Pure Advance Flex folds in five steps. Without compromising its performance, the Pure Advance Flex is an ultra-compact solution which fits comfortably in a car boot, public transport racks or a small space at home.

The Pure Advance e-scooter range is fitted with patent pending Pure Control steering which stabilises jittery handlebars often experienced with other e-scooters. Both models feature dual braking systems – a rear regenerative brake and a robust front drum brake – and large, grippy tyres to offer effective, responsive and low maintenance braking. 

The Pure Advance models are well equipped for the demands of stop-start city roads and traffic. All models have powerful 500W rated motors, with a peak power of 710W, offering strong acceleration and effortless hill climbing.

Future Pure Advance owners won’t need to worry about their scooter running out of steam. The Pure Advance is available in two models, offering different range options to the rider. The entry-level Pure Advance has an impressive 40km range, while Pure Advance+ can cover up to 50km on a single charge. Despite its ultra-compact size, Pure Advance Flex boasts up to a 40km range.

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Sam Bernard, chief technology officer at Pure Electric, said: “To really inspire change and challenge the traditional way people travel, we knew that we had to create a product that is fundamentally different. What we’ve seen so far from e-scooter manufacturers are essentially children’s scooters with a narrow riding deck, simply enhanced by a battery and a motor.”

He added: “Our brand-new Pure Advance e-scooter range features footpads placed on either side of a central chassis which allows the rider to take a more natural forward-facing position. This ground-breaking approach puts the rider lower to the ground which means their experience is more stable and comfortable. With the Pure Advance and Pure Advance Flex, the rider can easily lean into turns making the sensation controlled and fun, like gliding across the ground. 

“These developments alongside Pure Control steering stabilisation technology and the inclusion of front and rear indicators raise the standards of e-scooters, ready for legalisation in the UK and to meet increased demand across Europe.”

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