Newcastle e-scooter trial extended to 2024 

Newcastle’s Neuron e-scooter trail has been extended to 2024, following the success of the initial scheme.

Since the launch in February 2021, Neuron Mobility’s e-scooters have enabled 900,000 miles worth of travel, and helped contribute an estimated £8.9 million to Newcastle’s economy. 

Following the success of the trial, Newcastle City Council have opted to extend the scheme until May 2024, after the initial trial period came to an end in November. 

Cormac Quinn, UK general manager at Neuron Mobility, said: “After a successful 22 months in Newcastle our e-scooters have become an important part of the city transport mix. We’re delighted to extend the rental e-scooter service to mid-2024 and we thank the Council for their continued trust and support.

 “Newcastle riders have completed over 900,000 miles in trips so far, replacing thousands of car journeys and saving 95 tonnes of CO2. Research shows seven out of 10 trips result in purchase at a local business which is helping to boost the local economy. We are really encouraged that our riders – plus an increasing number of local businesses and venues – are recognising some of the benefits rental e-scooters are bringing to the city.”

In July 2020, the Department for Transport fast-tracked legislation for trial rental e-scooter schemes to be established, to offer sustainable ways to travel while public transport was impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Trials were then established in 31 regions across the country, as the Government used the schemes to collect data to inform the potential legalisation of privately-owned e-scooters.

After the Government initially extended the trial period, in November the initial trials came to an end, with authorities having to decide whether to extend the trials further.

A number of areas, including London, have opted to continue with their trials until 2024, while others (such as Kent) have opted to not to continue with rental scooter schemes. 

Cllr Jane Byrne, cabinet member for connected clean city at Newcastle City Council, said: “It’s great to see that many people are benefiting from the opportunity to use the e-scooters as a convenient way to get around – and importantly as an alternative to making a journey by car.

“I’m pleased that we’ve been able to work together with Neuron so that residents, including those on lower incomes, can continue to use the e-scooters while also putting in place arrangements to help improve the way the scooters are integrated into the city’s transport mix.”

Neuron has released its Shared Rides, Shared Wealth report, which investigates the impact of its e-scooters.

According to the report, Neuron riders spend an average of £17.80 at local businesses per trip, amounting to £8.9 million in Newcastle annually. 

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According to the report, seven in 10 e-scooter journeys in Newcastle result in a purchase with a local business, and close to 10% of trips wouldn’t have happened at all if the e-scooters weren’t available, meaning local businesses would have missed out on valuable sales. Asked where they spend money during their e-scooter trips, 37% of riders said they made purchases at shopping venues, 35% at a restaurant, bar or café, and 17% at a recreational venue like the gym or a local event.

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