Lime unveils new technology to cut down on drunk and pavement riding 

Shared transport operator Lime has unveiled its latest technology designed to cut down on dangerous riding and reduce crashes. 

Lime Vision is a new platform with a range of safety features, including Advanced Sidewalk Detection, which will recognise when a rider has encroached onto a pavement in less than a second. 

“Lime Vision doubles down on our commitment to building vertically-integrated hardware and software as we aim to provide the safest possible service to cities and our riders,” said Joe Kraus, president at Lime.

“We’re excited about this transformative array of safety measures, particularly Advanced Sidewalk Detection supported by Lime Vision, which will set a new standard for the industry. Building this in-house means we can integrate Lime Vision into our hardware, constantly refine the technology through learnings from our global operations, and scale Lime Vision to new cities with ease.”

Advanced Sidewalk Detection will rapidly sense when a rider has moved onto a pavement and will warn them with sound, and the scooter will automatically slow. 

Lime has also announced a new late-night rider reaction test, aimed at deterring drunk riding. 

Lime Vision was announced during an event in Paris, and its features will be rolled out as pilots in Paris and select markets around the world.  

The new technology will utilise on-board cameras to support a range of new safety features. 

Sidewalk detection will use AI-enabled image detection, which can be customised to suit individual cities.

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As Lime Vision is the shared micromobility industry’s first AI-enabled computer vision technology built in-house, Lime will be able to quickly iterate and adapt it as needed.

Lime Vision is designed to seamlessly integrate with Lime’s hardware and firmware, eliminating hurdles created by shoehorning software not native to the underlying system.

Lime Vision will also be distinct as it will be informed by Lime’s unparalleled data, with service in more than 250 cities.

Lime’s nearly-20-person in-house development team will have full control over the Lime Vision product roadmap, including new use cases beyond sidewalk riding to meet city needs, such as improved parking accuracy. 

San Franciso-based micromobility brand Lime, founded in 2017, operates shared bike and scooter schemes in some of the biggest markets, including Paris and London.  

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