Lime launches Parking Wardens across central London to reward responsible parking

Shared electric scooter and bike company Lime has launched ‘Lime Parking Wardens’ across central London, rewarding its e-scooter and e-bike riders that parked responsibly with a free ride.

The Parking Wardens have been stationed near busy e-scooter bays, including Covent Garden and Soho, and congratulated riders that parked respectfully with notices to incentivise continued responsible parking.

Hal Stevenson, senior public affairs manager at Lime UKI, said: “Providing safe and sustainable transport is at the heart of what we do. We know most of our riders park responsibly and we want to thank them.

“The introduction of parking wardens enables us to reward our customers and help them better understand what constitutes responsible parking, and why it’s so important to ensure our service is inclusive. Our increased foot patrol also lets us correct any incidents of misparking in a time-efficient manner, with the aim to make all journeys more efficient and enjoyable for all.

“At a time when we face an air quality crisis in the Capital and a global climate emergency, the volume of people we’re seeing cycling in London is something to be celebrated. We’re proud to be working with London boroughs and transport partners to help create a more sustainable, accessible capital for everyone.”

The ‘Good Parking Notices’ aim to help educate riders on what constitutes considerate parking, with a free ride token to say thank you, as well as reminders and tips:

– Park all e-scooters in designated parking bays
– Don’t block pedestrian walkways or pavements
– Or entrances to underground stations or bus stops
– Park away from private properties
– Stay clear of driveways or accessibility ramps

Lime said it plans to launch its Parking Wardens in other London locations in the coming weeks as it looks to encourage parking best practices.

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The company also has a number of other measures in place, including fining and banning repeat offenders of misparking from its service, as well as removing any vehicles that are reported as parked inconsiderately within one hour.

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