Lime launches global campaign aimed at ‘making a clean break’ from cars

Lime has announced the launch of its spring global campaign encouraging more people out of cars and onto greener, shared modes by “Making A Clean Break.”

The campaign, designed and produced by Lime’s in-house creative team, is built on the core belief that a better world is possible through greener transportation and fewer cars.

The “Make a Clean Break” campaign highlights this reality particularly for individual car owners who are forced to navigate the headaches of parking, traffic, endless payments, maintenance, and more.

As an alternative, Lime encourages car owners to instead opt for its fun, safe and emission-free e-bikes and e-scooters to replace car trips.

Christian Navarro, head of brand marketing at Lime said: “At the heart of our campaign is the idea that some changes in life, though hard, are ultimately worth it and can make your life better.

“We’ve all been in relationships, romantic or otherwise, where a change was needed – a clean break, to really start over and make life better. As this campaign makes clear, this notion not only applies to toxic relationships, but also to toxic transportation choices.

“To alleviate the headaches of car ownership, riders can make a clean break and ride Lime as a source of newness, freshness, and as an exciting way to go about your day unburdened.”

“Make a Clean Break” is one of the brand’s biggest marketing campaigns, aimed at bolstering Lime’s place as a leader in offering shared electric vehicles.

The campaign launches in nearly four times as many markets as its prior campaigns, with activity in cities including Los Angeles, Denver, Milan, Dusseldorf, Minneapolis, Washington DC, Seattle, Atlanta, Rome and Berlin.

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This news follows Lime’s February announcement that it became the first shared micromobility company to post a fully profitable year.

As Lime enters a new post-profitability era, its financial success allows for larger scale campaigns, helping to consolidate its market position.

For the first time, Lime is using the front of its e-bike baskets as an owned marketing channel, creating mini roving billboards in multiple cities.

This adds to email marketing via owned channels, as well as billboard and digital transit buys in Minneapolis, digital out of home on bus shelters and ad placements in the Union Station in Denver and Berlin and bus side ads in Los Angeles.

This activation builds on Lime’s April 2022 “Break Up With Cars” campaign.



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