Grover launches first e-scooter

Grover has introduced its first e-scooter under its own micromobility sub-brand GroverGo.

The move, according to the company, comes after a successful introduction of e-scooters into its product range in early 2019.

The new model is based on customer survey insights, which reveal that GroverGo subscribers use their scooters for daily, essential trips rather than spontaneous or leisure rides. It boasts a range of 25km, designed for daily, short and medium-length trips to and from work or university, and weighs in at 13kg.

“As European cities emerge from coronavirus lockdowns, e-scooters are returning to the streets. Experts agree that the market will quickly rebound and continue to grow during the upcoming summer months,” read a Grover statement.

“In time with this upswing, Grover’s own-branded e-scooter provides an accessible and personal mode of mobility that allows people to keep socially distant and avoid enclosed spaces. The new model’s specs accommodate the requirements of monthly e-scooter subscribers, whom Grover has been surveying since entering the micromobility market last year.”

CEO and founder Michael Cassau added: “Grover’s e-scooter is our answer to people’s changing mobility habits. Especially now, post-coronavirus, our e-scooter is the perfect alternative to public transport and the well-known pay-per-ride services, allowing subscribers to go beyond the last mile and reach their daily destinations quickly and conveniently, all while avoiding shared spaces or surfaces.”

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